While Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is already used across engineering sectors, greater accuracy and efficiency are still needed before it can replace existing physical prototypes for unsteady flows, including acoustics, and for resolving shed vortices and wakes. There’s a possible solution: High-order flux reconstruction, developed by Dr Peter Vincent at Imperial College (IC).

Working with CFMS and Zenotech to create new software, IC used the latest in high-performing computing, for evaluation by Airbus, BAE Systems, EADS, Rolls-Royce, DSTL and the UK Aerodynamics Centre. As well as inviting industry experts to contribute to benchmarking test cases, the Hyperflux project saw CFMS offer access to the software via its virtual engineering hub, supporting its uptake with local specialists.

For Hyperflux test cases results and more information, visit Hyperflux.

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