Smarter Testing

Funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), this project involves a consortium consisting CFMS, Airbus, Dassault Systems UK, ZEISS UK, and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The Smarter Testing project aims to develop a novel testing and certification process for aeronautical structures using an optimised test campaign that will combine virtual and physical tests to provide a step reduction in development lead time and costs.

This will be achieved through the development of a continuous digital thread between virtual and physical tests to increase the use of simulations that support the whole lifecycle of the product, from early design to type certification. Simulations will be validated using advanced measurements, quantitative data correlation methods and exploited through data analytics to increase credibility and maturity.

Within the Smarter Testing project, CFMS is developing novel simulation tools to allow test engineers to understand how defects will manifest in sensor measurements. This allows operators to make better informed decisions about the severity of issues and therefore more optimal remedial strategies.

Our digital engineering experts are using high performance computing (HPC) methodologies, which enables a larger range of defects to be considered and therefore provide a deeper understanding of test artefacts. CFMS combines these simulations with statistical and machine learning techniques to characterise defects and classify their severity, providing a step change in the way that tests are performed and reducing their time and costs.

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