Army veteran Darren Swift (Swifty), the first double above-knee (DAK) amputee in the world to compete in International Paralympic Committee (IPC) events approached CFMS to help create a new set of bindings ahead of the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games. Darren’s homemade bindings were painful, and the lack of information in this area meant design was challenging.

Digitally designed, tested and printed snowboard bindings

Once the design was finalised, CFMS created the digital 3D models after analysing the structures with both standard Finite Elements and a technique called Topology Optimisation.

CFMS designed, tested and printed the bindings using a range of digital technologies which included 1D system design and Computer Aided Design (CAD), to Design for AM, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Topology Optimisation. The utilisation of digital modelling reduced the manufacturing time and cost as no physical prototypes were produced.

Not only did the 3D printed bindings reduce the pain and the risk of injury, but it showcases how digital design techniques combined with manufacturing can work together and accelerate the development of future projects.

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