The Tucana project develops lightweight vehicles and powertrain structures, providing greater efficiency for lightweight vehicles. Part of a 10-year programme to make the UK a world leader in low carbon technology through the modern industrial strategy. Developing world-leading cost effective, scalable carbon fibre composite solutions, with the view to boosting the performance of electric vehicles.

To accomplish its goals, the project brings together a consortium consisting of world-leading academic and industry partners, including Expert Tooling & Automation Limited, Broetje-Automation UK Ltd, Toray International U.K. Limited, CFMS, CCP Gransden Ltd, and Magna Exteriors (Banbury) Limited.

Project Tucana addresses structural performance of vehicles at various levels, including design, material and volume manufacturing-level which is currently unmet across the automotive industry. JLR collaborated with CFMS on multiple aspects of the project including component manufacturing process simulation, smart cell, component cost analysis and factory layout optimisation.

Some of the components involved in the project were produced using Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) using the compression moulding process. CFMS developed a model capable of simulating this, with a view to investigating the effect of the process parameters and improving consistency of the output. The model was demonstrated on representative parts with increasing complexity before the conclusion of the project.

Layout Optimisation And Factory Simulation

Jaguar Land Rover required CFMS to utilise their modelling capabilities to build a model of the manufacturing process, which included the layout of machines within the factory and a hybrid continuous/ discrete process simulation model. CFMS developed a framework to optimise layouts and workflows between a series of rooms or machines. CFMS utilised this framework to assist with creating a more optimised layout design for a zone in Jaguar Land Rover’s next-generation automated manufacturing line within the Tucana project.

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