Adaptable physics models for wide design space exploration

The urgent need for environmental preservation is widely acknowledged, with the United Kingdom aiming to become net zero in 2045. The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) collaborated with aerospace experts and academia in a feasibility study aiming to assess the viability of a low emissions aircraft to serve the Scottish Highland and Islands and provide a significant export market opportunity.

Within the study, CFMS rapidly modelled a variety of sustainable energy powertrain systems that could be retrofitted to existing aircraft. Our private, on-site high performance computing (HPC) resources enabled wider design space exploration within the study.

The Eilean project highlights how CFMS’ niche expertise in digital modelling and simulation enhanced the exploration of the design space. Using digital prototyping within the early stages of the design process not only accelerates the development cycle but also reduces the need for extensive costs and time scales of unnecessary physical prototypes.

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