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CFMS joins forces with the VEC to strengthen UK digital design capability

The Bristol-based Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS), an independent, specialist in digital engineering, has today announced an exciting three-year long partnership with the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), a digital engineering impact centre at the University of Liverpool, to jointly deliver technologies that will accelerate the design of high value products and services.

The VEC provides innovative digital engineering solutions to industry through its extensive expertise, specialist digital laboratories. The VEC leverages academic research and the latest scientific and technological infrastructure to improve productivity. CFMS will work alongside the VEC to maximise the benefits of their complementary skills by developing and demonstrating the impact of disruptive digital technologies for industrial clients.

The partnership will also provide the High Value Design (HVD) community with a stronger, common voice for UK RTO to engage with key industrial and government stakeholders in the market, to inform policy, lobby for and negotiate investment in the field of HVD, nationally and locally.

Similar in size and ambition, both organisations are dedicated to the creation of a stronger national resource in digital design. The partnership provides a stronger focus to deliver critical national skills and capability development in the field of digital engineering, to encourage increased investment and helping to build new collaborative opportunities across the UK.

Sam Paice, Chief Executive Officer at CFMS, said: “We’re delighted to partner with the VEC and to capitalise on our unified strengths to deliver increased productivity across high value design organisations. Together, we hope to lead, develop, and demonstrate the value and real delivery of technological change that enables digitalisation, innovation and business transformation in the global marketplace.”

Lynn Dwyer, Head of Commercial for the VEC, added: “By bringing together our resources, we hope to continue developing industrial digitalisation to further benefit business. CFMS has significant experience and a proven track record in this area, so we’re looking forward to collaborating with the team to prepare for the next generation of design services.”

CFMS and the VEC foster collaboration by working directly across industry, academia and the digital supply chain and encourages the exchange of ideas and collaborative practices to form new networks and strategic partnerships.

If you would like to find out more information about CFMS and the VEC, please visit: http://www.cfms.org.uk/ and http://www.virtualengineeringcentre.com/

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