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CFMS joins project to help hydrogen into grid

CFMS has joined with National Gas to see if Britain’s gas pipeline network can supply homes and firms with more sustainable fuel through hydrogen.

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) is to explore whether Britain’s national gas pipeline could be used to supply sustainable fuel to homes and businesses.

We recently joined with National Gas on a project to investigate whether the National Transmission System is able to transport hydrogen.

Scientists and industry experts have said the element can provide a cleaner, low-carbon alternative to natural gas and play an important role in reducing UK emissions to net zero.

CFMS, in collaboration with DNV, Premtech, and Durham University, will aim to create a low-cost virtual representation of the system, to improve understanding of how hydrogen can be safely delivered to customers.

The ‘digital twin’ will allow tests to be carried out across various blends of hydrogen to understand the effects of introducing it to traditional gas assets.

Using simulation and machine learning, the technology will help researchers examine the existing network, improve risk analysis and aid development by allowing the prediction of future scenarios.

Funded by a Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) from energy regulator Ofgem, the Collaborative Visual Data Twin (CVDT) project will support the FutureGrid programme, which seeks to build a hydrogen test facility in Northern England, and National Gas’s net zero targets.

CFMS chief executive Sam Paice said: “With net zero goals fast approaching, we champion any project which has the potential to advance sustainable initiatives, and with technology rapidly developing, the CVDT project has the potential to drive development in the transition to hydrogen. We’re proud to play a key role in bringing it to life.”

CFMS helps national infrastructure projects – such as the UK’s high-speed rail (HS2) project – and firms across a variety of sectors, to create better solutions for new, more sustainable products and services.

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