AI for Industrial Inspection

AI for Industrial Inspection

Drone Inspection

Visual Inspection is routinely carried out across industry to determine whether a structure, product, component or process meets the specified requirements. Typical examples include the detection of product defects in-service or during maintenance and as point of manufacturing in-process monitoring. Such inspection is usually carried out by a trained individual who has sufficient knowledge and experience to visually identify faults and non-conformant quality and performance. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides an opportunity to introduce innovation and new technology to the visual inspection process, offering a solution to challenges and requirements.

 The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) has produced a demonstrator that uses a combination of computer vision and AI technologies to automate the manual inspection process. 

Automated Inspection technology is applicable across sectors, and will significantly benefit high value manufacturing, maintenance, repair and operations, in aerospace, automotive, construction and energy sectors, where visual inspection is highly utilised.

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