Aero Flux

As part of a £1.5m project, CFMS collaborated with Zenotech, Aircraft Research Association (ARA) and Bombardier to lead the development of a high-order Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology for the aerospace industry. Airbus also participated within this aerospace project by offering their requirements for acoustics to inform the research.

The Aero Flux project builds upon the success of the previous Hyperflux projects and addresses new aerospace requirements with improved accuracy.

The project enables research and development of advanced high-order CFD methods, beyond baseline technologies used by the aerospace industry. The three-year project focuses on the development of capabilities in advanced simulation including fluid structure interaction, broadband acoustics, accelerated time-stepping, advanced high-order mesh generation and multi-disciplinary coupling. Creating greater flexibility and freedom in the high value design process, resulting in more accurate and efficient modelling tools.

Playing a vital role in the industrialisation of the process, benchmarking and dissemination activities, CFMS provided significant levels of IT infrastructure and High performance computing (HPC) resources for the industrial test access throughout the project. The project utilised CFMS’ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) engineers who used their advanced simulation capabilities, providing guidance and expert technical knowledge within CFD.

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