The Future Engineering System (FES) project unites CFMS, with aerospace prime Rolls-Royce UK, Siemens, Sysemia and eQ-Technologic, with academic specialists from the Sheffield Advanced Computing Research Centre and Leeds University Socio-Technical Centre.

The creation of complex, high-value products and components is underpinned by process lifecycle management (PLM) within the aerospace industry. The FES project enabled the development and demonstration of a prototype future engineering system infrastructure that integrated engineering data sources within the process lifecycle management (PLM) tool chain, increasing productivity and cost efficiency within the aerospace industry.

Future Engineering Systems

Within the FES project, the integration of raw data from CFD and FEA analyses via JT Open to Siemens PLM was demonstrated, with Uncertainty Quantification and Management (UQ&M) functions and automated agent-based quality control. This was exercised against real industrial use cases from Rolls-Royce UK and demonstrated within a prototype system at CFMS.

CFMS has developed novel Model Based Systems Engineering tools to allow system architecture concepts to be quickly prototyped and evaluated using numerical models of system components. This makes use of CFMS’ expertise in High Performance Computing (HPC), allowing the use of massive parallelisation to concurrently assess many designs as requirements are refined and changed.

The project demonstrated the feasibility of this approach to maintain a wider range of candidate designs throughout the conceptual design phase of a project, resulting in better exploration of the design space and a more optimal candidate being chosen to take forward to detailed design.

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