Model Based Engineering (MBE)

Improving product development with model based engineering

Digital tools, methodologies and system engineering principles are the foundation of the model-based engineering (MBE) discipline, enabling better collaboration, design automation and increased design space exploration. Using a model-based approach to design in a digital environment gives teams greater agility to respond to changing requirements and makes processes more collaborative and agile.

By combining MBE with CFMS’ other digital engineering services; high performance computing and cloud technologies, advanced simulation and Artificial Intelligence, CFMS has a unique combination of services to showcase what an integrated digital engineering team can achieve. In a recent project, CFMS used MBE and design automation techniques to generate thousands of design options and a set of candidate optimal solutions for a new construction project. A process that would normally have taken months was reduced to days.

CFMS is demonstrating the impact of utilising MBE by working with GKN, Siemens, AMRC and Sheffield University on an Innovate UK project to connect an industrial aerospace additive manufacturing cell to the CFMS data center. The aim is to construct a live digital twin of the cell to predict and track the manufacturing process to enable a consistent, high quality additive manufactured part.

Digital twin technology has the potential to improve in-service performance, maintenance and repair. Digital twins also provide improved efficiency through the end-to-end design process, and greater traceability to diagnose issues as they occur.



CFMS Technical Skills & Capabilities in Model Based Engineering

  • Systems Architecture Design
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Design Trade Studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Optimisation Methods & Application
  • Software Engineering
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Model Based Systems Engineering
  • Through Life Engineering



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