AIRLIFT Additive Manufacturing

CFMS partners with GKN Aerospace delivering the £19 million Additive Industrialisation for Future Technology (AIRLIFT) Additive Manufacturing (AM) project funded by ATI. The project brings together leading experts from GKN Aerospace, CFMS, AMRC, the University of Sheffield and Siemens to develop novel Additive Manufacturing (AM) methods for the aerospace industry.

AM is a strategic technology which will change the design and manufacturing process of aircrafts, additionally improving the performance and cost of the aircraft. The AIRLIFT project focuses on making AM serial production ready at high rates and exploring how AM can revolutionise product design for high value, high complexity product manufacture.

CFMS is responsible for multiple facets of the project, including defining and developing the private cloud-based digital twin, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform and IT system, interfaces to sensors on factory assets as part of the data acquisition system, and developing a digital twin of the system to predict the performance of different print configurations.

As a digitalised process, AM generates the data necessary to produce a digital twin. CFMS is involved in developing a digital model to mirror all stages in the AM process. This digital model involves the development of novel multi-scale, multi-physics models to accurately capture the wide range of physical phenomena that contribute to the final printed aerospace component. By combining this model with machine-captured data, the aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process and optimise it accordingly. The result will be a tool which can be used to predict and track the entire flow of the material and all activities required to deliver a consistent, high quality additive manufactured component.

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