CFMS Towards an Advanced Digital Model for the Smart City

28th Sep

CFMS Towards an Advanced Digital Model for the Smart City

As part of the VentureFest Smart Cities Series, The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) will be holding an event ‘Towards an Advanced Digital Model for the Smart City’, taking place on 28th September, 10am-12.15pm at Bristol and Bath Science Park.

Underpinning smart city transformation is the effective use of new technology such as smart sensors, data analytics and datacentre scale computing. These technologies form a core toolkit for addressing the challenge of achieving a competitive but sustainable urban environment. By analysing data  from smart sensors from sectors such as; energy, transport, waste, health and social care, enables system level simulation and real time analysis, key ingredients to achieving a truly smart city.

In assessing both contribution and impact, CFMS, in conjunction with its partners, have developed a digital simulation or digital twin of a specific area of the city of Bristol, which illustrates the use of traffic and pedestrian routes, and can potentially be used to identify impact and efficiency for a smart city. The topic seeks to encourage organisations to consider the benefits of applying modelling and system simulation to a city scale simulation for use in scenarios such as city planning, new developments and the impact on existing infrastructure, to name a few.

What will be presented

CFMS, in conjunction with the following partners; Sheffield University, Bristol is Open and Zenotech, have developed a 2D digital model that will show the movement of traffic and pedestrians throughout the city of Bristol. Using Sheffield University Flexible Large Scale Modelling Environment (FLAME) software, CFMS have effectively created a digital twin of the city, which simulates and models emergent behaviour. Such models are typically used for scenario and contingency planning and can provide benefits for traffic related topics such as congestion, accidents, etc. and the ability to respond or mitigate incidents.

What will delegates learn

  • How to assess impact and identify efficiencies supporting the vision of a smart city

  • The benefits of applying modelling and system simulation to a city scale simulation

  • The benefits of and use of a digital twin technology

Who the event is targeted towards

The event is applicable to organisations that:

  • Are interested in finding out more about the benefits of modelling for product development, research and development, etc.

  • Utilise high performance computing infrastructures and data centres or a large number of interconnected systems and are interested in understanding system efficiency

  • Are interested in determining impact and potential contribution to realise the vision of the smart city

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