CFMS to commence product evaluations of IBM POWER8 and Iceotope

CFMS to commence product evaluations of IBM POWER8 and Iceotope

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) today announced that it is undertaking two independent product evaluations of IBM’s POWER8/Tesla GPU system, the S824L, and Iceotope’s Total Liquid Cooling technology.

Commencing this month, CFMS will be assessing both systems for readiness and utilisation in technical computing and HPC workload. 

Fx1a1143 CopyProduct evaluation will cover a number of industry standard tests such as system performance for technical computing and engineering workloads, quality of the tool chain (compilers, environment, etc.) and integrated energy efficiency and scale. The comprehensive testing programme will also review total cost of ownership (TCO) and management, business benefits and industry relevance.

As a neutral and not-for-profit organisation, CFMS offers a Benchmarking & Testing service, which provides independent product validation and testing. Sam Paice, Chief Operating Officer, CFMS commented, “ Working with organisations such as IBM and Iceotope to assist in the development of innovative new products and technologies, design and processes is intrinsic to CFMS, and enables us to fulfil our objective of aiding industry collaboration and dissemination”.

Released by IBM in April 2014, the POWER8 processor based portfolio is designed to accelerate big data insights and hybrid cloud deployment. IBM have partnered with NVIDIA to launch systems based on the POWER8 processor, which includes NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. IBM have announced plans for GPU-accelerated versions of DB2 and are actively supporting efforts to port third-party applications to this platform. The successor to DOEs Titan (ORNL) and Sequoia (LLNL) will also be based on a combination of IBM’s POWER and NVIDIA GPUs. Testing of the IBM S824L will give an early glimpse of what is planned.Img 2939

Iceotope’s patented Total Liquid Cooling system is an alternative to traditional air cooling and direct liquid cooling systems, offering reduced energy consumption and costs, high density IT, improved HPC performance and the ability to reuse waste. Technology is referred to as hot swap, clean and dry and utilises a sealed, immersion device/blade that harnesses the power of natural convection. Each blade is a self-contained entity accommodating a server board, which is immersed in a non-conductive, engineered fluid.  This primary coolant utilises self-pumping convection to constantly draw heat away from board components to where it can be harvested and reused in building facilities if required.

Product testing and evaluation programmes for the S824L and Total Liquid Cooling system are scheduled for completion in Spring 2015. Results and published content will be distributed at CFMS Discovery Events. If you would like to be added to the distribution list for CFMS events and newsletters, email 

About CFMS

The Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) provides access to an on demand high performance computing cluster, which enables organisations to predict and analyse the behaviour of new systems and products under development using advanced simulation tools.

CFMS provide a neutral area for larger and smaller companies to collaborate and use these tools to examine their technologies while in the design phase, delivering significant time and cost savings.

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About IBM

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About Iceotope

Iceotope is a liquid cooling technology company specialising in Total Liquid Cooling for High Performance Computing (HPC) and suitable for Supercomputing and data centre facilities. Based in Sheffield, England and backed by strategic venture capital, Iceotope’s corporate Investors include; Investments Partners, OMBU Group and Aster Capital; a strategic investor representing Schneider Electric and Solvay.

Iceotope’s patented technology offers high density IT with reduced energy consumption and improved performance per watt.  Iceotope systems have no fans, run virtually silently and enable high performance compute to be positioned within office, data centre and even hostile environments. 

Iceotope has established partnerships with Intel, 3M, Solvay and Leeds University.

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