CFMS to participate in groundbreaking future Additive Manufacturing programme

CFMS to participate in groundbreaking future Additive Manufacturing programme

Bristol, 10 July 2019 -- The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), an independent, not-for-profit specialist in digital engineering capability, has announced it will partner with GKN Aerospace for the AIRLIFT Additive Manufacturing (AM) research programme.

GKN Aerospace announced at the 2019 Paris Air Show that it will lead two ground-breaking collaborative AM research programmes, AIRLIFT and DAM, and will apply its unique Laser Wire Deposition (LMD-w) AM technology in these programmes. 

AIRLIFT (Additive Industrialisation for Future Technology) and DAM (Developing Design for Additive Manufacturing)  are focused on making AM serial production ready at high rates and explore how AM can revolutionise product design for high value, complex product manufacture. Intrinsically linked together, DAM will transform the process and AIRLIFT will develop the capability to manufacture the final product. 

AIRLIFT is a £19M technology industrialisation programme that uses industry 4.0 and simulation competencies to enhance both laser metal deposition with wire and powder bed AM technologies.

CFMS will be responsible in AIRLIFT for defining and developing the private cloud-based digital twin Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform and IT system, including interfaces to sensors on factory assets as part of the data acquisition system. As a digitalised process, AM generates the data necessary to produce a digital twin, and a digital model will be developed to mirror all stages in the AM process. The result will be a tool which can be used to predict and track the entire flow of the material and all activities required to deliver a consistent, high quality additive manufactured part.

Sam Paice, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at CFMS, said: “AM is a disruptive technology which is revolutionising the design and manufacture of high value products, unleashing innovation potential that will drive performance and productivity improvements. We’re delighted to participate in the AIRLIFT research programme, utilising our digital twin expertise and test bed facility to advance the goal of digitally connecting AM design and manufacture.”

Russ Dunn, CTO and Head of Strategy, GKN Aerospace, added: “AM is a strategic technology for the Aerospace Industry that will fundamentally change the way we design and manufacture aircraft. AM enables us to control material characteristics enabling benefits in terms of product performance, cost and environment. With AIRLIFT and DAM and the Global Technology Centre in Bristol, GKN Aerospace will further develop and industrialise additive manufacturing within the UK industrial and scientific eco-system.”

The programme will be based out of GKN Aerospace’s recently announced £32m Global Technology Centre in Bristol, of which CFMS is also a collaborative partner. Jointly funded by GKN Aerospace, Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), AutoDesk, CFMS, and Siemens, the project will bring together the expertise of academia, research institutes and industry.

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