Member Profile: eQ Technologic

Member Profile: eQ Technologic

In this edition we learn about eQ Technologic (eQ) from Alan Walker, Director - Customer Engagements.

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eQ Technologic

eQ Technologic is a trusted provider of comprehensive software solutions for enterprise-wide visibility and for enterprise application integration, synchronization, and migration.

eQube®, a platform for enterprise information infrastructure establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications and allows users to gain enterprise-wide visibility of information leading to Actionable Insight. Enabling real-time business intelligence and analytics from day-to-day business processes, through to big data analysis, eQ seamlessly integrate disparate applications and democratize access to relevant information for timely and informed decisions.

Company statistics at a glance

UK Company location: Birmingham, UK is the location of its operational office which has responsibility for UK and Europe.

Worldwide offices: With multiple offices around the world, eQ headquarters is located in Orange County, California, US, with an operational office in Philadelphia, US, and two major facilities in Pune, India; one for research and development and the other for customer facing activities.

Number of employees: eQ currently employs around 450 employees globally.

Company incorporation: Dinesh Khaladkar, President and CEO, founded eQ Technologic Inc in 1995.

Company capabilities

eQ offer business intelligence, migration, integration and synchronisation in the industrial domain for owner operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and their supply chain and customers.

Technology areas of focus

eQ is a software development company and process solutions provider. From an industrial perspective, the company has a growing and has a well positioned presence across multiple vertical sectors including aerospace & defence, automotive & transportation, consumer packaged goods, energy & utilities, medical, government, high tech electronics, life sciences, machinery & industrial products, oil & gas and shipping.

Providing industry specific solutions, the eQube® technology platform exploits organisations IT solutions and data assets, turning such assets into information and knowledge. From a different viewpoint, organisations are working with terabytes of information in most situations, and are immersed in or moving towards a big data mentality. HPC technology is used for colossal data analytics processing, and around our own big data solution, this is a technology area where eQ is focusing. Equally, immersive technologies, and how the world of augmented reality, with physical product meeting digital product and combining with business intelligence functions, is an area where we are investing mental capacity right now.

Topical industry themes and trends for eQ

One of the most significant trends we see is organisations moving from traditional or homegrown legacy systems and processes to enterprise class solutions, and how to get visibility and lower TCO across those platforms. A key point in this area is that of user experience, as the trend in organisations has been one of an “export mentality” as previous systems have been complex to use and the default of exporting to a spreasheet to make manipulation and distribution easier is prevelant.

We also see organisations making the differentiation between what might be classed as big data, versus massive data volumes. When dealing with massive data volumes, this is essentially organisations exploring the information they possess which may be in hard to reach places. Big data, environmental, geographic, economic and political factors, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) along with Industry 4.0 are providing further options for huge elements of enhanced data.

eQ’s major value proposition is in this space, creating visibility from what is invisible, leading to actionable insight. ‘We don’t know what we don’t know’ (Rumsfeld) is a well known phrase used in our industry, and our focus is on creating the visibility in this space, letting the factual data tell the story, providing the insight, leading to the correct and timely action.

Challenges eQ is addressing in the marketplace

We live in a world of corporate compliance and traceability and the challenge for organisations is that many still have a relatively small percentage of information, locked up in inaccessible systems (not even digital in some cases). This may lead to lack of knowledge and the ability to make the correct and timely decisions. Creating the digital thread in an organisation leads to the making the right information available in a safe, secure and controlled manner. People often talk about a single version of the truth but actually exposing the truth and not the variations is what we address in our engagements. This is done by the integration or migration of processes and data to the appropriate systems with the identification and correction of quality issues in legacy systems and data. These processes eliminate the trend of organisations exporting data to such tools as Microsoft Excel for ease of manipulation and distribution. Through this we address the issue of access control and the appropriateness of people accessing information and processes, ensuring compliance elements are catered for. In key vertical industries, ITAR, export compliance, etc. are extremely relevant. We provide solutions to address those challenges and issues, enabling information visibility to lead people to the next action in a simple way. In that very element alone, the gains for organisations are quite significant - something that has taken months can be reduced to minutes or seconds.

Key customers, partners, etc.

eQ operates in many industrial domains, with world-wide customers including Lockheed Martin Aero (on the prestigious F-35 program), Baxter Healthcare, BAE Systems – MAI (Typhoon), BAE Systems – Marine (Successor submarine program), Boeing, L-3 (multiple divisions), Rolls-Royce, Siemens AG, ATK Launch Systems, General Dynamics (multiple divisions), Northrop Grumman (multiple sectors), SS/L, ULA, P&G, Intel, Visteon, MTU, Honeywell-Aero, Best-Buy, Dyson, Alstom Transport, among others.

We have multiple partnerships with Siemens PLM Software who market and sell the eQube®-BI product, under the Teamcenter® Reporting & Analytics (TcRA) portfolio. We also have a Solutions Partner Agreement around the eQube®-MI product for Integration, Migration and synchhronisation services. eQ recently announced an expanded partnership with Siemens PLM Software to complement Siemens' Omneo™ solution, which provides big data analytics for Product Performance Intelligence. With this agreement, eQ will be able to use its integration platform, eQube®-MI to aggregate critical business data and provide the output for efficient ingestion into Omneo using XML.

Company vision/philosophy

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive enterprise software platform for our customers that establishes a robust digital backbone of integrated applications, and allows users to gain enterprise-wide visibility leading to actionable insight.

Our vision is to create innovative enterprise software solutions that seamlessly integrate disparate applications, and democratize access to relevant information for timely and superior decisions

Organisations of interest for potential engagement

Industrial OEMs and their supply chain, along with end product organisations, owner operators through to component manufacturers are those that are primarily of interest. We welcome engagement from like minded, complimentary technology companies and partner organisations who share our vision.

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