Member Profile - FS Dynamics

Member Profile - FS Dynamics

In this article, we learn about FS Dynamics a consultancy group specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling.

FS Dynamics

FS Dynamics is a consultancy group specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling. One of the leading Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) providers in Scandinavia, they have several offices throughout the region. Focusing on their core competency, they work with companies of all sizes, to deliver simulation and calculation services.

Company statistics

UK company location:  As part of a European expansion plan, FS Dynamics opened its first UK office in Sheffield in 2016.

Worldwide offices: Head office is in Gothenburg, with further offices in Helsingborg and Stockholm in Sweden, Tampere and Helsinki in Finland, Aalborg in Denmark, Oslo in Norway and Lisbon in Portugal.

Number of employees: FS Dynamics employs 195 people, which includes 70 CFD & 95 FEA specialist consultants.

Company incorporation: FS Dynamics was founded in Sweden, by Carl-Fredrik Stein, Roger Blom, Ulf Mårtensson and Hans Agardh in 2004.

Company capabilities

As simulation specialists, CFD and FEA are the heart and soul of the business. With experience in many industry sectors, FS Dynamics can advise on methods or deliver results, based on the most appropriate techniques and tools for a given situation. From a few hours of an expert's time providing early stage guidance, or providing onsite resource, right through to solving complex physics challenges, FS Dynamics offer a service tailored to the customer’s actual needs. 

FS Dynamics does a significant amount of work in the automotive sector, working on complex methods development for global OEMs, especially in combustion, exhaust systems and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI).  Beyond automotive, it has a substantial nuclear engineering team and, with over 350 live projects, is doing work in a truly diverse set of industries. 

Technology areas of focus

The company has deep expertise in CFD and FEA modelling. That has led to extensive work on Fluid-Structure Interaction, perhaps inevitable when you have a strong team of CFD and FEA specialists! FSI is one of the areas across diverse industries where complex methods development work is going on.  It’s one of the current “state of the art” topics and it can be very demanding.  FS Dynamics works with organisations as a trusted partner and always with a long-term relationship in mind.  

New technologies that accelerate modelling and simulation?

FS Dynamics is not involved in fundamental research but continually looks at new technologies to find applications for them, which can then be developed and deployed as a practical method to provide repeatable results. That said, the company constantly funds post graduate research students and many of the projects undertaken for customers are at the “research” end of the spectrum. They love a challenge!


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