Member Profile- Xor Systems

Member Profile- Xor Systems

Xor Systems work with businesses that lack technical skills or with businesses that lack time or resources, where we fill a gap. It's usually to produce or enhance a product. It may be that they are unsure of the technology, or they don’t have the people that understand the technology, or they just don’t have the time, resulting in Xor partnering with them for delivery.

Company Statistics

Incorporated in 1998, Xor Systems are based at Bristol and Bath Science Park.

What is it that Xor Systems do?

Our core capability is focused on embedded systems. Most of the projects we work on involve a mix of hardware and software and involve a system that is remote, probably battery powered, connected to the Internet, sending data and possibly also controlling something. This usually consists of some sort of intelligent box or computer board, which we would add into a product or create a product around, and write software, to provide it with intelligence. In summary, we embed technology into other people’s products to make them smarter. Most of the products we work on involve an element of communication. What’s driving the requirement is summed up by the phrase 'Internet of Things (IoT)'. You have a device, it needs to communicate, and you need to transfer the data from the system and analyse it. We offer a complete turnkey solution from designing the product, adding processing, communication, data transfer, data access and analysis capabilities. The device is often remote, it's a sensing device out in the field, where it can be virtually controlled and accessed online from anywhere.

What are Xor Systems capabilities and technology areas of focus?

Our capabilities and specialisms are in software, electronics and mechanical design where we are able to draw up a design, create a prototype product, and source a manufacturer to make, assemble and package the product.

In terms of our areas of focus in technology, our specialism is Embedded Systems. With devices out in the field, we have detailed knowledge on technologies for sending data back, technologies such as battery for power management and techniques for keeping power usage low.

We cover the board on software, embedded languages C and C++ but the other end of the language spectrum are web technology languages such as Javascript, MySQL etc. The data or results need to be visualised, usually in graphs or tables, so data visualisation is another area of focus for us. 

What industry themes and trends are you seeing in the marketplace?

IoT is the most applicable trend for our customers. It’s an umbrella for a host of technologies and is what we have been doing, making smart devices that manage themselves and report back data. Industry 4.0 is also a similar theme, where we are looking at projects that monitor the behaviour of machinery and reporting back.

What are the challenges that Xor are addressing?

For our customers, the challenge that we are addressing is keeping abreast of the available technology. We are an agile organisation providing access to specialist knowledge to help organisations understand all the latest technologies. Some customers use us as a research house, where we set up a technology environment and report back on the findings. We help organisations to decide on whether to further invest in a project or product. In some cases, customers don’t always know what they want and have an idea for a new product, and are interested in enhancing an existing product or creating a new design. We help explore the possibilities for them. 

Who are your key customers, and partners and what are the sectors that you operate in?

We are currently working across areas to do with measuring the environment, such as the weather, temperature, pressure, humidity, and noise. We work with organisations where the end customer sits in construction, wind energy, utilities/ renewable energy, military and marine sectors. We also work with a number of partners that complement our skills such as Cubik Innovation.

What is your company vision/philosophy?

Our company vision is to be excellent in three main areas - as a supplier, as an innovator and as an employer. The culture of the organisation is very important, it's the foundation to our success and growth, creating somewhere where people want to come to work.

What organisations are you interested in engaging with?

We are interested in engaging with visionary companies that add value, with organisations that offer IoT enabled products.


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