The Advanced Product Concept Analysis Environment (APROCONE) project, led by Airbus, develops new design methods for aircraft wings.

The APROCONE project, in which CFMS collaborates alongside Cranfield University, GKN Aerospace, MSC Software, Rolls-Royce UK and University of Cambridge, develops new methods for aircraft wing design by harnessing the power of cutting-edge computing technology to drive innovation in the aerospace industry.

This Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) project explores opportunities for developing information system technologies with the goal of creating a highly productive, collaborative design environment. This will result in a more innovative and time-efficient design approach for producing aircraft wings that meet future commercial and environmental requirements.

CFMS focussed on the development of improved computational methods to reduce the time required to assess the performance of a wing design. Our digital engineering experts used our on-site, trusted data centre to integrate machine learning and advanced meshing techniques, allowing designers to explore a broad range of ideas and identify more optimum solutions.

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