The Computer Learning in Automated Manufacturing Processes (CLAMPS) is a collaborative project between CFMS and the National Composites Centre (NCC). This project aims is to demonstrate the integration of predictive machine learning to drive improvements and minimise variability within a composite manufacturing process.

Digital test bed for manufacturing

This CLAMPS project embodies CFMS’s vision of its neutral, digital test bed being used by organisations to explore the potential for improvements and accelerated development cycles in the design and manufacturing process.

Composite manufacturing is intrinsically a high variability process, requiring careful tuning of process parameters by highly skilled engineers to meet product quality requirements. This has an adverse effect on the production rate, ramp up rate and increases manufacturing costs.

A combination of traditional virtual manufacturing simulation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is a potential solution to rapidly explore and mature novel composite manufacturing processes (e.g. resin infusion into dry fibre preform).

If you would like to know more about the Computer Learning in Automated Manufacturing Processes project you can read our full case study. While the CLAMPS project focuses on aerospace requirements, the approach can be applied to other sectors including automotive, construction and energy. For further information about how this can be applied to your organisation get in touch with our team of technical experts or simply email

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